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A new approach

Advanced Online Tutoring
Skype?… FaceTime?… That’s NOT the standard we perform to. We require that the online experience surpasses the traditional in-person approach, in form and in substance. A step forward in the evolution of what teaching can do, not a poorly executed half-measure. We invite you to learn about how technology can help students advance efficiently and effectively, no matter where the participants reside.
Recorded Session Video
Let’s admit that often enough, multiple passes through even great notes isn’t sufficient for absorbing all that the lesson was intended to convey. Well, there an easy fix for that: record the session. It works as flawlessly as you would imagine. Yours to review ad nauseum long after time’s up. Review the following example:

Electronic Notes in PDF Format
Notes from every session, delivered to your inbox. Can’t lose them. Can’t offer the teacher a viable excuse for not having them handy. Any device, anytime, yours to review.

Click on photo below for full session notes:

Our teachers and students use cutting-edge electronic tablets and pens to dynamically write on a shared whiteboard in real-time. Screenshots are saved and compiled into notes (see below) that are never lost. Welcome to the future.

We employ the right tool for the right job, utilizing BrainCert (LINK) and Zoom (LINK) to conduct the remote sessions depending on what’s needed. Specifically tailored for teaching and collaboartion.

Test-Prep. High School and University-level Instruction. Wherever you are.
Whether you’re looking to conquer the ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT II Subject Tests… or ace your schoolwork. We have the knowledge, experience, and tailored approach to help you succeed.

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