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We Do Things Differently Here.

Because the conventional approach to tutoring clearly isn’t working. We take education – in the broadest sense – seriously, and believe in the lasting impact the proper coach can leave on a student. Teaching how to think, gather and process information, generate and express ideas. Learning how to learn. The process, which informs and sustains a highly performing young mind developing into a working professional.

Discover the Differences Between an “Educational Coach” and a “Tutor”

Tutoring, as commonly practiced, is the proverbial bandaid on the wound. A quick fix, and a short-term solution, not a longer-term vision. It leaves a student dependent, without sustainable practices that can be leveraged later or elsewhere. Mostly, it leads to more tutoring…

Breaking the cycle of dependency requires coaches who personalize and transmit the content while reinforcing and rebuilding critical foundational components. Treating the individual as a whole. Building genuine confidence through small but critical accomplishments. And hell, making it fun where possible…


Cutting-Edge Remote & In-Home Educational Coaching

In-Home tutoring, only with superior instructors who have been properly vetted. Traveling, or living away from our home base in Greenwich, CT? We have years of excellent results teaching students remotely using the very best online platforms. Need a gifted and relatable mentor to help a student navigate the toxicity, complexity, and challenges of early adolescence – to develop healthy personal habits? We’re here to serve, and confident the quality of the experience will surpass your expectations. We take enormous pride in our work and our legacy, our students.

Advanced Online Tutoring

Using advanced Wacom Tablet-Pen devices in conjunction with remarkable online teaching (BrainCert) and videoconferencing (Zoom) platforms, we deliver remote teaching you never knew was possible. An experience that rivals, if not bests, traditional in-home tutoring. Cutting-edge, yet not lacking in the personal dimension that renders the coach-student relationship effective.

In-Person Tutoring

So you’re in or nearby Greenwich, CT? Want tutoring in your home or at our location? We have you covered.


The distinction often drawn between tutoring, mentoring, and coaching is arbitrary. Often, in highly competitive environments, students lack role-models they can relate and look up to – someone who blends all three into the same paradigm of personal growth. Someone who works to build their understanding of themselves in relation to an ever-developing world around them. All this, while meeting educational goals and developing positive personal habits, unlocking their potential, and confidence in their abilities.

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